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10 Secret Projects

click on an image for a short slide show 
by the way I'm at that age that I don't keep secrets (about photography)

Top 10 flowers
for 2021

72flower projects.jpg
72wrestling Project.jpg


Top 10 wrestling images 

prior to Covid

Hot Air Balloons

Top 10 hot air balloon

images prior to Covid

72HotAir Project.jpg
72magicHour Project.jpg

Magic hour images

10 images from around 

the world

Carnival of Venice

An event you don't want

to miss

72venice project.jpg
72value Project.jpg

Know before you go

things you need to know

if you travel

Qualities of Light

Can you name the building

blocks of an image 

72 100 LESSONS.jpg

100 lessons

A sample of the Top 100 lessons I learned in 50 years.


A step by step way to generate ideas

72Storming Project.jpg
72 know project.jpg

Value of an image
What happens to the image after it passes the eyeball? The TIT

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