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Top 10 Hot Air Balloons

Fortunate to meet a lot of great people ballooning

  Ballooning is such a fun sport to photograph, primarily because balloonists and their crew are so colorful. And balloon pilots are so cautious. Conditions have to be just right before they go up. I have been to many balloon festivals but Fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico is the biggest in the USA. Starts the first weekend in October and ends the second weekend. A great 9 days.
  Wow it was difficult picking 10. I whittled it down to 80 and finally just picked 10. The others I will have on my free membership site. Sign up for the membership site and I will let you know when it is up.  

Scroll down to get to #1and don't forget to read the copy for an explanation and a few tips.

# 10  Noah's Arc

Jay Woodard's  balloon is HUGE. Of course it would be to house two animals of each species. And some of you thought Noah owned this balloon.

10.  Fiesta RGT5174.jpg

# 9 He's got the whole world on his balloon

Denni Barrett's balloon  is one of my absolute favorites because it has flags from all over the world and the major religious symbols. I spent more time just looking up into the balloon than the scenery on the ground.

9. got the whole worldRGT8613.jpg

# 8  Balloons are a family affair

Ballooning is a family sport and most are teams. This is PIC Deb Waltman and her husband Don. I enjoyed crewing for them for a couple years. Quality People as are most balloonists. 

8. WaltmansRGT9441.jpg

# 7  Balloon Glow in Colorado Springs

One year I was an official photographer for the Colorado Balloon Festival in Colorado Springs. Took this image from the top of my RV. Thank you Patsy

7. glow_RGT8253.jpg

# 6  Who doesn't want a  ride in the Joker

Don't know who owns this balloon, no joke. But it is a cool special shape. My hat is off to the designer.

6.  Fiesta day 4 DSCN4263.jpg

# 5  We inflate balloons not blow them up

Bob Romaneschi is in the process of inflating Betty Butterfly at  Fiesta in Albuquerque, NM. Don't you just love the mother pointing out to her child. 

5. BOB-RGT3380.jpg

# 4  Darth Vader's bottom

Yes, there is a Darth Vader balloon and a Yoda balloon. The crew is dressed up as White Storm Troopers. They put on a nice show. This is Darth Vader just after lift off. I liked the patterns and contrast of colors.

4. Fiesta DSCN8014.jpg

# 3  Special Shapes are a big hit

Glows are always unique. That is where a bunch of balloons teather on the ground  at night and turn on their burners. Sometimes all at once and other times in sequence. It is really something special.

3. DSC4914 copy.jpg

# 2  Dear John over Prosser Vineyard

Got to ride in Vic and Mandy Johnson's balloon in the Prosser Balloon Rally where I photographed Dear John flying over vineyards.

2. DJoverWine0469.jpg

# 1 Three bees at inflation +10,000 people

Bob Romaneschi has a lot of special shapes. One of the favorites in the world are the 3 bees. I had them at a balloon festival that I ran, but did not have 10,000 people surrounding them like he did at Fiesta.

1. bees DSC5345.jpg
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