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A New Learning Model

Based on Neuroscience

    Learning is how we improve our life. And who does not want to improve their life. Learning is based on our five "external" senses. The information we pull in is then tossed into our five "internal" senses. Our vision is 30,000% more powerful than all other external senses.  It is how we communicate with our selves. Even the words we read we turn into pictures in our brain. The image is the Universal Language.  Language is how we communicate with others.  It is vital that we can communicate with ourselves before we communicate with others. 

     Yet, who understands what makes an image. Einstein did, but not many understood his photon theory. Photons formed the 7 qualities of light. Something 99.9999% of the people do not understand or can they name. These qualities of light are so important because they determine the Elements of  Art which determine the Principles of Art which form emotions that create your actions. Yes there are a few steps in between but that is the basic Tomaras Image Theory. See Image below.

    Yes there is a lot more to it, however it proves that life is constructive and actions are a formula.  Since the image is 30,000% more powerful than all senses, that makes the image more powerful than anything we know.  Would it not be beneficial to know how to create an image that influences?

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