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Welcome to my NEW website

I love photography. I am passionate about the way light wraps it’s way around objects and people, to create form and shape. I get excited exploring the way patterns, lines and texture come to life when I do different things with my camera and lights. I guess that is why I’ve been a professional photographer for 50+ years.  I’ve always been willing to change and adapt to new circumstances and conditions. Perhaps that is why I have survived in this constantly changing environment of ours. At 72 I am somewhat retired, but how can you retire from something you love? I wake up every morning wondering - what can I see or create. 


So my life has taken a new twist. How can I pass on to others this life rewarding knowledge that I have collected. What has made me unique and how can I teach others to develop their creative lives. That is my goal in life as I approach my golden years. Take a look at some of the projects I am working on, I think you will find them worthwhile. I hope you join me in exploring light and how it develops the mind.



The  8 hubs to a perfect image. Miss one of them and your wheel has a flat spot, miss two and you don’t roll. There are many fine points in each hub that make an image work. When my images did not sell I had to discover why. After years of research, that’s when I came up with the 8 hubs. This could shed some light on why you are not selling as much as you want. 


Know before you go - To get the best travel photos, you want to know these things BEFORE you travel. Don’t waste your money on travel until you do. Learn from someone who used to set up the perfect photo trips for the Professional Photographers of America and others. I can truly say I have learned something from everyone of the hundreds of trips I’ve made. All neatly packed in this photography travel guide.


The Nine Qualities of Light -  Can you name them? If you can name them, you are probably creating an image. If not, you are taking an image. Less than 1/10 of a percent can name them. These “Qualities” are the building blocks for the Elements of Art and the Elements form the Principles of Art. Understand this and improve your imagery ten times. You are not going to find this on Google.


Every photograph tells a LESSON - Through video Randall takes 100 of his favorite images and explains what he learned from each experience. It’s more than a camera. The more you can learn from someone else the quicker you will reach your goals in photography. It saves a lot of time, money and effort. It is that "real life training" that will get you through the rough spots.


Photo-storming  - How do you make your images different than everyone else’s? How do you develop your style? When do you change it? I have had to redevelop myself many times in my 50 year career.  I developed a system I call photo-storming. Only recently have I decided to put it all down in teachable form. It has always been my secret weapon to come up with unique images. But it is time to make it a course.

web-7 happy.jpg

Photo of Randall Glenn Tomaras by Ernst Ulrich Schafer

Painting with images - I have been painting with images since early 2000. At first it was pretty bad. Guess, nobody is great from the start. But like anything if you practice long enough and try many new things you get better at it. Recently artists have asked me what I do. Digital art is becoming more and more accepted. But again it is not the cookie cutter filters that makes you unique. Unique sells.


The value of an image - Photography is about to jump into a whole new spotlight, thanks to neurologists. The image is how we communicate with our selves, the language is how we communicate with others. Our brain does not store images in a file cabinet like we thought for thousands of years. It breaks apart the photons we see, into the Qualities of Light and stores them in separate parts of the Brain. When we want to think of “Mom” we have to bring all those qualities of light back together. Of course we can mix and match qualities of light anytime with imagination. That is the reason we can dream, create and solve problems. If we want to put a mustache on Mom we can. It’s your canvas. Randall has developed the Tomaras Image Theory which takes the Qualities of Light as building blocks and ends up with human actions. Some in Artificial Intelligence say this theory is the closest formula to creating the ability to think, they’ve seen. While not complete yet, this will be the Randall Glenn Tomaras signature course and is sure to change the value of imagery. Put yourself in the driver’s seat for this one.


Is everything all up at once? No, different lessons go up at different times.


Let’s face it, I do not know when you are on the internet and you don’t know when I releases new material. So you want to get on my email list to keep yourself informed. No I'm not going to bombard you daily or sell your info. I might not even contact you monthly. Only when I have something valuable to share. I want you on my list because YOU want to be. Fear only teaches us what we don't want. Turn your fear into a "positive motivational force."


Want to see EVERYTHING as it is unveiled !!! 
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