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Photographic Trip of a lifetime

It's not the trip of a lifetime because of where you are going, but how it has been arranged  and how much you will learn. You see most trips are geared around either an iconic location that is on the bucket list of a lot of people, or a photographic personality. This includes both, but it doesn't stop there. It tosses in a two year Mastermind course that starts 6 months BEFORE you go to France. The time to touch up your skills is before you arrive. Once you arrive, you want to hit the ground shooting.

   Then comes the critiques and evaluations. It is not, "let's poke the fire with someone else's hand." More like this is what I see or here's a technique I use. Let's face it we all learn from each other. Someone's idea or suggestion may be just the spark to light your fire. 

   After the trip you'll receive suggestions in post processing and marketing. This photographic  industry is RAPIDLY changing and you will learn the Tomaras Image Theory that combines photography with neurology, The  Photo-Storming technique of creating, and the 8 hubs to the perfect image. And as with anything, it is the fine points that make things work. Plus what works for one may not work for another. But if you are exposed to enough things you start to develop your own style. 

Check out why this tour is different than others.

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