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Top 10 Sports Photos

How I got started in sports photography

I started off as a sports photographer. My dad was a college Athletic Director, so if I wanted to see him, I had to go to all the sports events just like him. I eventually got good at it, and when the Seattle Sonics were looking for a photographer my name came up. I accepted but the week later I took a photography teaching position that was too far away to make their games. I recommended my older brother who was also a professional photographer. A year later I quit teaching and joined my brother. A year after that we picked up the Seattle Seahawks.  Back then it was all film and a flood in 1978   destroyed my negatives and prints.

My Top 10 Sports Images

Scroll down to get to #1and don't forget to read the copy for an explanation and a few tips.

#10 Adeline Gray - She is USAs best wrestler 

   Adeline Gray is the most decorated wrestler in the history of USA wrestling. She has won the FIVE World Championships. She has qualified for the 2020-1 Olympic Games in July 2021.

   In this image, few matches before I noticed the World Champion sign,  so when her match came up, I positioned myself in the right spot. Didn't know that she would win but I expected it. Only the champion gets to parade their flag.

10. 72Poster Gray_RGT6988.jpg

# 9  Fly fishing on Lake Cresent

   It was a nice calm day and the sun was setting in the west. On the west end of Lake Cresent this guy was just coming in to his camp site. I saw that a sliver of light was hitting the lake while the background was about 3 stops darker. I asked the guy if he would mind going back out to  the light spot and practice a few casts. No problem. Sometimes you just have to ask. The worse they can say is no.  Have some guts.

9. 72 LakeCrescent-091008-0001B.jpg

# 8  Kyle Dake  is a stud

   Only recently have I started up sports photography again. Mostly wrestling because that is the sport that I excelled in. This is one of my favorite wrestlers to photograph because he is a little bit unorthodox. That makes for great photography. He is also is a two time World Champion.

8. 72 poster Dake_RGT8474.jpg

# 7  Seafair Hydroplane Races

   For three years I was asked to photograph the Seafair Hydroplane races. I did it with a Nikon D1 with a 28-200 zoom lens. I was invited to go on the press boat which put me in position to catch the Mountains of Rooster Tail and Mount Rainier.  The second year I printed out 8x10s of the first year. I gave them to the organizers and pit crews. They asked me if I wanted to get on the start finish boat. Sure!!! I was the only photographer on the boat for two years. If you return to an event print up some images for the organizers.

7. Hydros.jpg

   Sometimes you have to develop your own projects. I had sold my $300,000 studio for $15,000 and moved to take care of my ailing father in a town about two hours from Seattle. Came up with an idea to make a coffee table book of all the events  around Seattle.  Since they happen on weekends, it was perfect. Two real estate companies said they would  order 5,000 books each and give them away to people that bought houses. Then the banks and housing market collapsed. So Paul Allen said it was a great idea and he would fund it.  When I finished it he asked me if I had model releases for everyone. I said they were not necessary for a public event. "They are if you're Paul Allen Everyone wants to sue me." But he paid me a fair price for my time.

# 6  A Seafair  karate demonstration

6. 72 BonOdori.jpg

# 5  J'den Cox ready for the Olympics

   J'den Cox is a two time World Champion and a 3rd place finish in the 2016 Olympics. When J'den walks through the door the sun goes down, but he is one of the nicest people you'll ever know, off the mat. And I hear he has a great singing voice.

   In wrestling, and most sports, you don't take you eye away from the viewfinder. You never know when action is going to happen.

5. 72Poster Cox_RGT8673.jpg

#4  What a personality Tamyra has

If I was a company and looking for a sponsor I would pick Tamyra because of her personality and her animation. And if I was throwing a party I would put her on the top of the guest list. Now there are a lot of other wrestlers that I think would also make great spokespeople for companies, but Tamyra is my favorite. Oh did I mention that she is the current World Champion. 

   When there is a couple stops difference in skin tones I use a center weighted light meter rather than a spot or overall.  I never use the overall because I do not want to emphasize the background.

4. 72 Poster Tamyra  _RGT3464.jpg

  When you use 1/4 of a second shutter speed you move the camera at the same speed of the boat as if the camera and boat are not moving . But the background and foreground are moving to the camera. Thus they look blurred. It takes some practice but it is a neat effect. It's called panning if you want to Google it, or you can take my course and master it.

# 3  Panning across the finish line

3. 72 RTPDaveV0062a.jpg

#2  4 time World Champ 1 Olympic Champ

   Jordan Burroughs taking his closest competitor from Italy down to the mat. He is one of our fastest wrestlers. Normally 1/1000 of a second stops wrestlers in motion. With Jordan I need 1/2000 of a second.

   Unfortunately, there are only 8 Olympic weight classes and the World championships has 10. So the USA has two current world champions  in one weight class. So this year at the trails Dake beat Burroughs which was the reverse of the previous Olympic trails. The Olympics happen in July of 2021.

2. 72 Poster Burroughs_RGT9483.jpg

# 1  Fiesta Balloon Festival - Albuquerque

There is a reason Kodak called Fiesta the most photographed event in the world. Where else can you see around 555 colorful balloons flying the sky. It is quite a sight to see. Even better if you are up in the air with them. I have 10 more balloon images in my projects and if you sign up for my FREE membership site you'll see a lot more.

1. 72 Fiesta RGT3880.jpg
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