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Painting Portraits

The times they are a changing

   Back in the 60s Bob Dylan wrote a song about how the first one now will later be last - The Times they are a changing. And I watched that happen with photography. Black and white was taken over by color. Head and shoulders was overrun by 3/4 and full length. Then outdoors outsold studio. 35MM outdistanced medium and 4x5 format. Film was replaced with digital. Color labs went bankrupt to office and home computers. Photoshop made darkroom equipment obsolete. All those skills and knowledge become useless and you must either create or learn new stuff. It happens in all fields, not just photography.  If you don't embrace change you are dying. Men and Women were designed to adapt. If you don't believe that, watch a newborn grow and adapt. The reason I survived all these years was because I looked for (or created) trends and embraced them. No, it was not always easy. Remember, the first plane flew in 1903,140 years later we are sending people to Mars soon. 

   So when the digital wizards  started to play with digital art, I took notice.  At first it was not very good.  My artist friends said it was just texturizing.  And it was, sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't.  But it has improved so much that I have seen some great artists embrace it. I think it will continue to be a driving force. I know I have a lot of clients that like my digital art, and I am improving. These are old style, I will soon put up my new style. I make a habit of changing my style every 5 years, so I am always learning and changing.

Scroll down to get to #1and don't forget to read the copy for an explanation and a few tips.

# 10  Happy Yunnan farmer

10 portrait painting.jpg

# 9  Red Nose Day in China

   When I was a young kid I had the opportunity to see Emmit Kelly a clown for the Barnum and Bailey Circus. Red Noses have always made an impact on me since. 

   When Walgreen's came out with Red Nose Day a few years back, I ended up buying 50 and handing them out to others. The next year I bought 100 and I had a lot of fun with them. You don't have to speak a language to make someone smile or laugh.


   Here I was in the back areas of the Yunnan Province in China and I was thirsty, so I asked my assistant if she knew of a place I could get a bottle of water. It was a 100 square foot Ma and Pa store run out of their house. I asked if they had any grandkids. Two was the answer. So I pulled out two Red Noses. They did not know what they were so I had to demonstrate. They laughed and I suggested they try them on. After coaxing, they did. Got some great images and turned them into the classic paintings of Emmit Kelly.

9 portrait painting.jpg

# 8  Leaving church

8 portrait painting.jpg

# 7  Directions on the bottom

7 portrait painting.jpg

# 6  Chinese circus performer

6 portrait painting.jpg

# 5  Painting of hard life

5 portrait painting.jpg

# 4  Seafair Pirate Captain

4 portrait painting.jpg

# 3  Zombie March

3 portrait painting.jpg

# 2  C.H. Rockey - a wise man

2 portrait painting.jpg

# 1  Yunnan smoker

1 portrait painting.jpg
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