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Investment in future

I guess if you are just in it to see the iconic lavender fields of France, which are dwindling rapidly, you can call it a cost, but if you are in it to learn photography, it's an investment. The FUN comes in either case.


What's included

Before the trip As you will note the class starts 6 months before the trip. As my friend Brendon Buchard always says "the best time to have a map is before you enter the woods." We will have two zoom classes a month, plus I will be making a lot of posts on our private message board. I want you to be up to speed with your camera equipment, know how to fool your camera's exposure meter, and something about composition. For those advanced photogs you may find some of my techniques interesting. Plan on some assignments and some personal phone calls.

During the trip I will be working my way around answering questions and making comments.

After the trip, you can expect a year and a half more of zoom classes and assignments with critiques. You will see to the right a wheel that contains the 8 hubs to a perfect photograph. There could be a 50,000 page book written on each hub. Over the two years we will cover those hubs. After 50 years of photography, I found that if I was missing one of those hubs my smooth running business wheel would't roll along. And if I was missing two hubs no money was coming in. 

You will also receive two of my signature courses that sell for $4,500 each: Tomaras Image Theory and Photo-Storming. 

Off to the right you will see the nascent beginnings (2010) of the Tomaras Image Theory that combines photography with neurology. It not only introduces a new learning model, but gives businesses and corporations scientific reasons to invest in PROFESSIONAL photography.

Photo-Storming will change how you see everything and how you solve problems. Life won't be the same.  Sherry, my wife. calls me Forest Gump based on all the "famous" people I have rubbed shoulders with. All my friends say I should write a book on my life experiences. Well Photo-Storming teaches you to think and see differently than others. Others are attracted to creative thinking. Learn this and you can write your own book.

Shooting Dates

June 26th to July 2, 2023. These are different than your travel dates. The farmers tell me that these are the peek bloom times. Because of climate change it has been a week to week and a half earlier the last two years. These are actual days in France. I know most tours count the day you leave the US and you loses a day on the dateline change. That's bogus. We will pick people up at the airport on the 25th and start shooting the 26th. So if you are leaving the USA, you'd leave on the 24th to arrive on the 25th. Some people like to arrange additional time in Europe either before or after the trip. For those that are going back to the USA after the trip, plan on leaving on the 2nd and you will arrive on the 2nd of July assuming you don't have big layovers. 


While on the trip we will have two or three air-conditioned vans.  You will be responsible for arriving at Marseille airport in Southern France. You are responsible for your own airfare.


We will be staying in two large guest houses. This is farming country and there are not a lot of hotels near the fields we want to be in. France has two main sections where lavender grows - Valensole and Sault. They are quite a distance apart so we have arranged for housing close by certain fields to minimize how early we get up, since the days are long in the summer. There are two to a room and if you want a single supplement it is an extra $1,600. Find a friend to go with you and save.


Meals are tricky in rural France because restaurants are only open certain hours. It's better in Paris. And guess what, some of those hours are at prime shooting time. I'm flexible on this but I will leave it up to the group. One o'clock is a good time to eat and we can arrange to be in certain towns where everyone can go to whatever restaurant they want. That gives everyone a chance to experience French Cuisine and you get to order what you want. A French breakfast is usually pastries. Since bakeries won't be open when we leave for the fields, we can either stock up the day before or after our morning shoot. If you like coffee I suggest you bring a thermos and we will have a big coffee maker on the trip. I did not see any Starbucks in rural France. I am working on dinners to see if a restaurant will open just for us around 10 pm, after sunset. If so, the chances are it will be all the same meal. I will pick up breakfast and dinner but lunch is on your own as are all drinks. If you have certain dietary restrictions you must let me know in advance and there may be an extra charge.

So what is the investment in this DREAM trip and two year Mastermind Class run? $6,850. And actually there are MANY tours out there that are 3 or 4,000 dollars more and they have no 2 year mastermind class. Not to mention that they just aren't geared toward great photography. I set this up like I was on the tour, and I am. I'm looking to change lives. That makes me happy. If you are interested, email me your email. I always like to talk to my clients first before I accept them. This is a team, not I have money I can go. I want you to go for the right reasons, not a slick advertisement. My email is 

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Ran into Tour de France in Gordes


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There is History and Art Everywhere

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